With 25 years of television and radio marketing and management experience in larger cities, my daughter and I moved home to be near family. We now live in the town I where I grew up; a very tiny rural community in Illinois much like Hooterville on the old TV show Petticoat Junction or Mayberry RFD. Our tiny town has a small post office, a bank, an auto repair shop and an old time grocery store just like Sam Drucker’s it looks the same as it did 50 years ago! The nearest mall and Starbucks is a 60 mile drive and the closest Wal-mart is 20 miles away. Getting the picture? There is little industry or opportunity unless you are willing to drive an hour or more to work each way and milking cows just isn’t my thing!

My passion is cooking so I decided to purchase a small restaurant where I became the Chef and a Restaurateur. I was in my glory! Loved it! Then a serious illness struck and I had to sell my beloved bistro. I just couldn’t keep up the demanding pace because of the treatments and how sick they made me.

As I recuperated from home, I started working online. I am happy to say I am completely recovered and healthy again. I love my Internet lifestyle and the freedom it provides me. I am able to work from home, care for my precious 4 year old grandson and my aging mother who lives next door. The time freedom is wonderful! Working online allows me to work my job around my life and family, not try to work my life around a job. It’s a fabulous lifestyle.

I now teach and encourage brand new Internet Entrepreneurs the “how to” step by step process of building a brand new online business – helping them “Make that first $100″ online; including building their home on the internet, list building, social media and email, article and affiliate marketing in order to start their home business on a solid foundation.

If you are inspired to work at home my advice to you is this –

Dream BIG! I did it. I believe in you. You can do it too!


Celene Harrelson,  aka;  The Happypreneur